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Sole Trader in Serbia

Sole Trader in Serbia

The process of setting up a sole proprietorship in Serbia is straightforward, requiring minimal prerequisites to enter the market. Locally, a sole proprietorship is known as ‘preduzetnik’. If you are planning to become a sole trader in Serbia, it is recommended to hire expert help. Our company formation specialists in Serbia can assist you in this regard. They can explain the formalities and what registration as a sole trader in Serbia entails. In the following lines, you can discover comprehensive information about what it means to be a sole trader in Serbia and what the registration conditions of such a structure are, helped by our specialists in company formation in Serbia.

What are the conditions for registering a sole trader in Serbia?

Registration as a sole trader in Serbia begins with checking the desired name to avoid possible infringements from the start. Here are other interesting information about sole trader registration in Serbia:

  • The sole trader name in Serbia must include the term “Preduzetnik” at the end.
  • If the chosen and verified name is correct, it can be reserved for 60 days.
  • The authorities provide standard documents for sole trader registration, and these must include complete information about the place of business, the type of activities, etc.
  • Certain fees are paid when registering a sole proprietorship in Serbia. Our agents can tell you more about how to set up a company in Serbia.
  • It is necessary to have a bank account opened in Serbia for the sole trader’s future financial activities in this country.

Once registered as a sole trader in Serbia, activities can begin. You must also take into account the type of taxation that lends itself to this structure. Here, you can benefit from the support offered by our accountants in Serbia.

These are some of the essential elements related to the incorporation of a sole proprietorship in Serbia. We recommend specialized help in the field, offered by our local representatives in Serbia.

How many activities are accepted for sole proprietorship in Serbia?

According to the Regulation of Classification of Business Activities in Serbia, only one type of business activity is accepted for sole proprietorship. There is, however, the possibility to develop other activities, but only if specific conditions are met, according to the law. You can learn more from our company formation agents in Serbia who can help you register a sole proprietorship.

How many sole traders can you have in Serbia?

It is allowed to register only one sole proprietorship in Serbia. The owner of this business structure can use his/her name when deciding on a business name, so a sole trader is sufficient. Those interested have the opportunity to grant a power of attorney to our specialists when incorporating a sole trader in Serbia and even opening a bank account.

The advantages of a sole trader in Serbia

Establishing a sole proprietorship in Serbia is quite beneficial for those interested, including foreign entrepreneurs. It is good to know in this case that VAT is not imposed for the import and export activities of a sole trader in Serbia. Also, the costs of registering a sole proprietorship are affordable and much lower compared to opening an LLC in Serbia.

If you are thinking of entering the Serbian market as a sole trader, the following data may also help you:

  • According to the latest statistical data, Serbia’s economy grew by approximately 2.5% in 2023.
  • Also in 2023, there was an increase in the volume of industrial production, around 2.4%, compared to 1.7% in 2022.
  • Serbia’s GDP growth target for 2024 is approximately 3.5%.

Do you want to register as a sole trader in Serbia? Our local agents can prepare the necessary documents and collaborate with the relevant authorities, so don’t hesitate to consult us.

Legal considerations for starting a sole proprietorship in Serbia

In accordance with local law, individuals are permitted to start a sole proprietorship in Serbia. Nevertheless, both local and foreign entrepreneurs are restricted to establishing only one sole proprietorship entity. As a sole proprietorship in Serbia, an entrepreneur or sole proprietor is an individual engaged in business activities aimed at generating income. It is mandatory to operate under a designated business name, comprising the proprietor’s name, a brief description of the primary activity, and the term “entrepreneur” (or the abbreviation “pr”).

Even if residing outside the country, entrepreneurs can authorize a local representative to handle banking matters and registration with the Serbian Companies Registry on their behalf, through a power of attorney. Sole proprietors assume complete responsibility for all aspects of their business operations. However, there are limitations on business scalability and minimal flexibility. For those interested in involvement in a specific small-scale enterprise in Serbia, registering as a sole proprietorship is a recommended course of action. Upon registration as a sole trader in Serbia, various considerations such as its advantages, required documentation, and pertinent details need to be addressed.

If you are away and planning to become a sole trader in Serbia, our agents can act on your behalf with a power of attorney. Also, our Serbian company incorporation agents can answer your questions related to sole proprietorship.

Electronic incorporation of sole proprietors in Serbia

Commencing from January 1, 2018, the Serbian Business Registers Agency has facilitated the electronic incorporation of sole proprietors. To initiate this procedure, an individual who has reached the age of majority must:

  • Possess a qualified electronic certificate (electronic signature) issued by a certification body within the Republic of Serbia;
  • Pay the required fee;
  • Install an electronic card reader.

If you are interested in the electronic incorporation of a sole trader in Serbia, our consultants can assist you. The e-incorporation process for sole proprietors is conducted through the Serbian Business Registers Agency’s application. Our agents can create an account for you to also further assist you with complete e-incorporation.

Taxation, bookkeeping, fees, and registration for sole proprietors in Serbia

Please find below some general information before becoming a sole trader in Serbia:

  • Lump sum taxation: Entrepreneurs have access to lump-sum taxation without regard to the scope of their activities or income, up to a certain threshold as per Individual Income Tax Law.
  • Taxation on Profit: Tax on the profit from net income is calculated based on the difference between business income and expenses, with a tax rate of 10%. Additional tax on profit transfers to personal accounts is not required.
  • Bookkeeping: Entrepreneurs or sole proprietors have the flexibility to maintain account books using either single or double-entry systems.
  • Fees: Registration fees for any business activity, changes, or deletions for proprietors are below 100 EUR.
  • Registration Consent: Special permission is not necessary for the registration of a sole proprietorship. The final decision on sole proprietorship registration typically takes between three to five days.

Are you interested in assuming control over your professional future and initiating the path of entrepreneurship? Establishing yourself as a sole trader in Serbia can lead to autonomy, innovation, and achievement. Utilize the assistance of our knowledgeable professionals to establish a company in Serbia and open doors to various opportunities.

Besides assisting you in setting up a sole trader in Serbia, our agents can also offer you other services. For instance, we can provide help with accounting. Such services provide vital insights into the financial health and performance of companies, facilitating informed decision-making by management, investors, and other stakeholders. Accurate accounting practices ensure compliance with local regulations and tax requirements, mitigating the risk of penalties or legal issues. Additionally, robust accounting offered by our accountants in Serbia enables businesses to track expenses, manage cash flow, and strategize for growth effectively.  Please contact us for our services. We can also help you in opening a company in Serbia.