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Selling Tobacco in Serbia

Selling Tobacco in Serbia

Selling tobacco products in Serbia is subject to a series of regulations, and the most important ones are those imposed by the World Health Organization. If you are a foreign investor looking to start a company with the purpose of selling tobacco in Serbia, we invite you to address your inquiries to our team of company formation specialists in Serbia. Our team can handle the registration requirements for foreign investors in Serbia.

How can I open a company for selling tobacco in Serbia?

The limited liability company in Serbia (DOO) is the main business structure through which an entrepreneur can sell his/her tobacco products in this country. Most investors decide for a tobacco shop in the designated areas, as agreed by the Serbian legislation in this matter.

Even though the registration of a company in Serbia is not subject to harsh formalities, it is recommended to talk to our advisors especially when it comes to the Articles of Association (the company’s identification documents), and the name reservation. EUR 500 is the minimum share capital which is necessary for opening a DOO in Serbia, but for more information, feel free to get in touch with our advisors.

Regulations for selling tobacco products in Serbia

As soon as an entrepreneur decides for a tobacco shop in Serbia, it is recommended to observe the following conditions and recommendations which align with the international regulations:

  • • imported tobacco products must respect the labeling and photo requirements;
  • • a tobacco shop cannot be placed near schools and colleges in Serbia;
  • • just like in most countries, cigarette advertising in tobacco shops is strictly forbidden;
  • • cigarettes cannot be sold to minors in Serbia, as it is prohibited.

Feel free to get in touch our specialized agents in company formation in Serbia for additional details about how you can sell tobacco products through your shop in Serbia. You may ask for company formation in Serbia at any time.

Short facts about the tobacco industry in Serbia

The latest statistics revealed the fact that the tobacco industry in Serbia contributed to the country’s budget with approximately 11%. There are many international tobacco companies with establishments in Serbia which generate profits of millions of dollars on a yearly basis. A foreign entrepreneur can decide on selling the local tobacco products in Serbia or the ones from the home country, if import requirements are respected.

Are you ready to open a company? You might be interested in the services offered by our accountants in Serbia, with experience in various areas. Payroll and bookkeeping are important aspects for a company to function correctly from a financial point of view. Also, the preparation and submission of annual financial statements are mandatory for any company with activities in this country. Contact us and discover our personalized offers.

Please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in Serbia and ask for support in starting a business in Serbia.