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Company Formation Services in Belgrade

Company Formation Services in Belgrade

The business-friendly climate in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and the largest city in this country, attracts investors from overseas in numerous fields of interest. Respecting the Serbian Company Act, one can set up limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited or general partnerships, branches and subsidiaries in Belgrade. Our local company formation agents in Serbia are at your disposal with complete support when registering a company.

How can I set up a company in Belgrade?

With more than 2 million residents and a strategic position in south-eastern Europe, Serbia is a preferred destination for business. Belgrade is a multicultural capital and a respectable financial business center which can be seen as a starting point for foreigners who want to set up their operations on the Serbian market. One can set up a limited liability company which represents the most suitable business form in Belgrade. The registration process has been simplified in the past few years thanks to the government struggles to create a proper business climate for investors. The following aspects should be considered when establishing a limited liability company – D.O.O. in Belgrade:

  • •    provide the minimum share capital of EUR 500;
  • •    offer information about the owners, the business address, the activities and the purpose of the firm;
  • •    register the board of directors, consider the business start-up costs, and register the business for tax purposes;
  • •    obtain the needed licenses with complete assistance offered by our advisors.

In order to avoid the language barrier and to incorporate your business in a fast manner, you may get in touch with our Serbian company formation specialists in Belgrade.

Can I open a subsidiary or a branch in Belgrade?

Yes, foreign companies who are planning an expansion for their operations and decide for Belgrade as the main establishment in Serbia can easily open branches or subsidiaries through the rules of limited liability companies or joint stock companies. While the branch depends on the parent company, the subsidiary is an independent entity which is formed in respect to the Commercial Code in Serbia.

Whatever the field of activity chosen for opening a business, we recommend you contact our accountants in Serbia. There are a series of procedures that must be implemented from the start, in compliance with current legislation. Thus, our specialists can take care of payroll, bookkeeping, tax registration, and submission of annual financial statements. They can also prepare full financial reports at the request of management.

Can I benefit from accounting services for my company in Belgrade?

Yes, if you are interested in an accounting firm instead of a department in your company, you can talk to our consultants and find out information about such services. Bookkeeping, payroll, annual financial statements, and audits are a few of the accounting services we can provide for your business in Serbia, whether it is a small, medium or large company.

Tax advice for your firm in Belgrade

Among the company formation services we can offer for your business in Serbia, especially for your company in Belgrade, we mention that tax advice and planning can be the proper option. Entrepreneurs who have settled a particular financial target in the firm should request the services of our advisors who can help you plan your business from a financial point of view.

Setting up a bank account in Belgrade 

Every company must have a bank account for the minimum share capital and for future financial operations. This is an important part of the registration process of a company in Serbia, and all the details in this matter will be presented and explained to you by our specialists in company formation. In terms of documents, the ones of the company will be solicited by the bank, alongside a copy of the identification document of the business owner, plus specific forms offered by the same financial institution. We can offer complete support for both company owners and natural persons who want to open bank accounts in Serbia. This is a straightforward process that can be entirely overseen by our specialists.

Support for purchasing shelf companies in Belgrade

Instead of dealing with the formalities of starting a company from scratch, international entrepreneurs might be interested in purchasing a shelf company in Belgrade. A ready-made company comes with a series of advantages among which, no operations and therefore no financial activities, no debts, and the possibility of using it right away. Purchasing a vintage company is a straightforward process that can be handled by our team of company formation agents in Serbia.

All you have to do is to send us a copy of your personal identification document and let us handle the following formalities. Your shelf company can be purchased in approximately 24 hours, allowing you to start the operations right away. The business is ready as soon as you receive the ownership document. Feel free to discuss with our agents and ask for support.

Domiciliation in Serbia – Is possible?

Yes, if you are not interested in starting a company and have a traditional office, you can purchase virtual office packages in Belgrade. You can benefit from a notable business address, mail collection, and forwarding, a dedicated phone number and fax services, a virtual assistant, a private phone number, plus the collection of bank statements, on request. Top facilities are offered with a virtual office package, so you can commence the marketing and promotion activities for your business.

This is often the choice of entrepreneurs who want to test the market in the first place instead of creating a business from the start. If you believe that domiciliation in Belgrade is the proper solution for your business needs, please feel free to discuss all the details and formalities with our specialists in company formation in Serbia. We offer complete company incorporation services in Belgrade.

Helping investors create a business plan

Would you like to start a company in Belgrade and need support in this sense? A complete and correct business plan is required, a matter where our specialists can help. Your business idea can come to life with complete support and guidance in this matter. Besides dealing with the formalities for opening a company in Belgrade, we can help entrepreneurs created the business plan and learn more about the structure, profit and losses, investments, equipment, and many more. A business plan represents the starting point of a company in Belgrade, so feel free to talk to us in the first place.

The company formation services you can receive in Belgrade

Investors from abroad have the possibility of operating on the Serbian market through a local office in Belgrade or can ask for virtual office services if they do not want a traditional office in the beginning. Our company incorporation representatives in Belgrade are at your disposal with support in matters like:

  • •    drafting the company’s documents with the authorities in charge;
  • •    apply for business licenses as representatives of your firm;
  • •    virtual office services and accounting for your company in Belgrade;
  • •    business consultancy, tax planning, and legal services on request.

Making investments in Serbia

Serbia provides stability and development from an economic point of view so that international entrepreneurs benefit from a correct and appealing business climate. There is plenty of room for investors in Serbia and the authorities continue to improve the business environment and to implement numerous incentives to attract foreign investments as much as possible.

The manufacturing sector is quite representative in Serbia and among the fields that generate huge profits on a yearly basis. Investors might also be attracted by prolific sectors like textiles, food & beverage, automotive, agriculture, production of wood, chemicals, and plastics, to give a few examples. Here are a few interesting facts and figures about the economy in Serbia:

  1. Serbia registered nearly USD 44 billion in terms of total FDIs in 2019.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranks Serbia 44th out of 190 economies in the world.
  3. More than 70% of the FDIs registered in Serbia come from European countries.
  4. About USD 4 billion represented the total value of greenfield investments in Serbia.

Making investments in Serbia is for sure a great choice. Yet, in matters of formalities and more, you can rely on the complete services offered by our team of company formation agents in Serbia. If you want to know more about how you can set up a business in Serbia and about how we can provide you with company formation services in Belgrade, please contact us for details.