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Gambling Activities in Serbia

Gambling Activities in Serbia

The gambling industry in Serbia is a very important source of profits and a sector of millions of dollars which attracts foreign investors in a large number. With the appropriate business license for gaming activities, an entrepreneur can easily set up casinos in Serbia, online casinos and betting clubs. In order to understand the legislation that concerns foreign investors and the gambling activities, we invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation specialists in Serbia at any time.

How can I obtain a gambling license in Serbia?

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy in Serbia oversee the gaming activities in this country for both local and foreign entrepreneurs who decide for a business in this sector. A gambling license is issued for those interested in land-based or online gambling activities in Serbia, if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • • for gambling activities in Serbia, one can register a limited liability company, a common business structure;
  • • for online gaming websites the condition is to have the serves in Serbia and no other place;
  • • a deposit of EUR 150,000 must be provided to a bank account in Serbia;
  • • the registration for tax purposes is mandatory before the Ministry of Finance issues the license.

The conditions for obtaining the gambling license in Serbia can be explained by our team of consultants who can also help foreigners open a company in Serbia. Even though Serbia is not part of EU yet, the gambling operators must respect the European directives observing the gaming activities.

Types of gaming activities in Serbia

As soon as the gambling license is issued for your casino, you can decide on the type of activities like the following:

  • • poker tournaments;
  • • roulette games;
  • • slot machines;
  • • sports betting;
  • • all card games.

Short facts about the gambling sector in Serbia

The gaming industry in Serbia is thriving on a yearly basis and sustains the country’s economy in a generous amount, due to the taxes imposed for this kind of activities (5% income tax rate). There are no special requirements for opening a casino or a gambling house in Serbia which is why many foreigners decide on this part of Europe to start a business in the gambling sector. The online casino activities are also generous as there are many entrepreneurs who first of all decide on such type of business before opening a land-based casino.

Outsourcing accounting services is advantageous for companies and owners. Our accountants in Serbia can offer bookkeeping, payroll services, audits, preparation and submission of annual financial statements, as well as management of human resources. It is worth mentioning that the services offered are at advantageous prices and are calculated according to the size of the company, activities, and number of employees, among others.

We invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in Serbia and find out how we can help you in opening a business in the gambling sector in Serbia.