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Fiscal Representative in Serbia

Fiscal Representative in Serbia

The fiscal representative in Serbia is the one who facilitates the collaboration between tax authorities and natural or legal persons. Everything starts with the registration for the payment of taxes of those who request this. However, there are other responsibilities that you can discover in the following lines, mentioning that one of our company formation agents in Serbia can represent you in such an endeavor. Also, with the help of our specialists, you can open a company in Serbia.

Why is there a need for fiscal representatives in Serbia?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, a tax representative in Serbia is the person who can mediate the process of registering a company in Serbia with the relevant authorities for the payment of taxes. One of the most important taxes in Serbia is VAT and there are certain procedures to be followed when the respective registration is made. Here is what a fiscal representative does in Serbia and how it can help you when you want to set up a company in Serbia:

  • A fiscal representative in Serbia is an authorized person who can register a company for VAT purposes.
  • Documents related to VAT registration can be managed by this fiscal representative.
  • When it comes to company formation in Serbia, registration for the payment of taxes can be done either by an authorized natural person or by a legal entity that can act as a fiscal representative.
  • The verification and submission of the necessary documents for tax registration purposes is done by a fiscal representative in Serbia.

We invite you to discover the services offered by our fiscal representative if you want to open a company in Serbia. We have the necessary experience and can help you in this important endeavor.

What are the conditions that must be respected by a fiscal representative in Serbia?

A fiscal representative in Serbia, either a natural person or an entity, must have a residence in Serbia. Also, they must be in the VAT system record for at least one year to be named as a fiscal representative for a company. Another important thing refers to the fact that this fiscal representative must have his debts paid up to date and not have been convicted for tax crimes in Serbia.

However, there is an exception in the case of tax representatives in Serbia, namely, the fact that branches in Serbia cannot act as tax representatives for a foreign company established in Serbia. We invite you to discuss this topic more with one of our local agents.

Rules for subsidiaries in Serbia

If in the case of branches, things are clear in terms of fiscal representation, the rules are different in the case of subsidiaries in Serbia. For instance, it is allowed for a subsidiary in Serbia to act as a VAT representative for a foreign company established in Serbia. However, there are certain conditions to be respected, but you can learn more from our specialists. Below are some interesting facts about VAT in Serbia, one of the most important taxes in the country:

  • 20% rate is the standard VAT rate in Serbia.
  • The 8% VAT rate applies to basic food in Serbia, medical supplies, public transport, publications, utilities, and more.
  • A 0% VAT rate applies for supplies of goods linked to ships and aircraft used in international traffic.

With the help of our accountants in Serbia, you can benefit from the services a company needs, such as bookkeeping, audits, payroll, and others. Please contact us if interested in company incorporation in Serbia and a fiscal representative for your business.