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Open a Restaurant in Serbia

Open a Restaurant in Serbia

Starting a business in Serbia depends on the type of activities you wish to establish and on the capital you want to invest in forming the company. A good business idea can be a restaurant in Serbia, whether as a firm established from scratch or as a purchased firm. We invite you to talk to our company formation specialists in Serbia and find out details about how to open a restaurant in Serbia and about the requirements involved.

How can I open a restaurant in Serbia?

Your restaurant in Serbia can activate through the rules of a limited liability company, the proper business form for such kind of business. The incorporation procedure starts with the Business Register Agency in Serbia and the documents requirements in this sense:

  • • the Articles of Association stand at the base of your firm, with information about the owners, registered capital, etc.;
  • • the head office of the firm needs to be provided to the registration authorities;
  • • a bank statement proving you have opened a bank account for the minimum share capital is necessary for your firm;
  • • health and food permits are necessary for opening the restaurant in Serbia.

In order to focus on how you can place your activities on the Serbian market, we propose you get in touch with our team of company incorporation agents in Serbia for assistance at the time of company registration with the local authorities.

Can I purchase a restaurant in Serbia?

Yes, investors from overseas have the possibility of buying an already established restaurant in Serbia, whether with activities or not. In case you are interested in purchasing a closed restaurant for financial problems, it is best to solicit assistance in this sense, as it is necessary to see if the company has debts or any related problems. A company verification is mandatory when buying a restaurant in Serbia.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of company incorporation consultants in Serbia for guidance and support in opening a restaurant in Serbia.