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Company Formation Services in Kragujevac

Company Formation Services in Kragujevac

If you want to do business in Serbia’s main cities, then Kragujevac may represent a proper destination. Being the 4th largest city in SerbiaKragujevac has a solid history behind, as it was the first modern capital of this country, and an important university center which stands at the base of forming highly educated workforce in areas like engineering, economy, research and development.  Our company formation agents in Serbia are at the disposal of foreign investors interested in registering companies in Kragujevac.

Types of companies available for registration in Kragujevac

The competitive business climate in Serbia attracts investors from overseas who want to make profits on the Serbian market. Among the legal entities which can be established for business in Serbia, including Kragujevac, we mention the following:

  • limited liability companies;
  • • joint stock companies;
  • • general and limited partnerships;
  • • branches;
  • • subsidiaries;
  • • sole proprietorships.

The limited liability company in Serbia suits the needs of both locals and foreigners in terms of business, as it is the most popular form available for registration. Our specialists in company formation in Serbia can guide investors when preparing the documents of an LLC in Kragujevac, such as the Articles of Association and the Memorandum which must offer information about the registered minimum share capital, the name of the owners, the business address, the board of directors, the activities.

Looking for accountants in Serbia? We suggest you get in touch with our specialists and discover all the details concerning payroll, annual financial statements, bookkeeping, HR management, and more. The costs for outsourcing these services are much more advantageous compared to the establishment of such a department. But for all the desired information, we invite you to contact us.

Support with the Serbian Business Registers Agency

The Serbian Business Registers Agency was established in 2005 and it was meant to properly and immediately facilitate the incorporation of companies with fewer formalities. The agency is in charge of local and foreign companies in Serbia, offering complete support and business improvement to all entrepreneurs, regardless of their nationality. A series of documents need to be provided to the Serbian Business Registers Agency, such as the Articles of Association with information about the owners, the date of incorporation, the business purposes, the minimum share capital and many more. In the case of branches and subsidiaries in Serbia, these can be established if a declaration stating the intention of opening such entities is issued by the parent company. Some registration bureaucracies and regulations might seem complex for international investors, especially when dealing with the language barrier. This is where our company formation agents in Serbia can assist them throughout the entire incorporation procedure in Serbia. This kind of support with the Serbian Business Registers Agency is part of our company formation services we can offer in Kragujevac.

Can I ask for domiciliation in Kragujevac?

Yes, foreign entrepreneurs can purchase virtual office packages in Kragujevac and benefit from a notable business address in the city, plus low costs for their business compared to the ones for a traditional office. A local phone number allocated to the business, mail collecting and forwarding, meeting rooms and office facilities plus a virtual assistant to take care of the daily activities are among the services comprised by a virtual office package. There is no need to consider hiring staff or make investments in human resources matters when deciding on acquiring a virtual office package in Kragujevac. Dedicated fax services, call redirecting, the collection of bank statements, a professional secretary plus top technology linked to a virtual office are at the disposal of anyone interested in domiciliation in Kragujevac. We invite you to talk to one of our consultants and find out more about this kind of services in Serbia.

Can I purchase a shelf company in Kragujevac?

Yes, our company formation representatives in Serbia can help you buy a shelf company in Kragujevac and skip the part with the formalities of ownership transfer. You can ask for our support on the internet, without having for you to travel to Serbia to settle all the arrangements, as we can act on your behalf with a power of attorney and handle all the required bureaucracies. Vintage companies are registered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, are kept on a shelf for years and then sold for entrepreneurs interested in a fast start on the market. The advantage is that a ready-made company is rapidly at the disposal of entrepreneurs, the only thing left to do is to sign the papers consisting of details about the ownership transfer. One of our company formation representatives in Serbia can be at your service if you would like to buy a shelf company in Kragujevac.

Support for tax registration in Kragujevac

The registration for tax purposes is mandatory for companies in Kragujevac, Serbia. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand all the requirements in terms of registration, particularly for international entrepreneurs. This is where our company formation agents in Serbia can provide complete assistance and support throughout the whole tax registration procedures. Besides the help for opening any kind of company in Kragujevac, you can also solicit support for the tax registration and planning from our advisors. We remind that our company formation services in Kragujevac are at your disposal if you want to establish your activities and business presence in the Serbian city.

Company formation services we can offer in Kragujevac

Instead of dealing with misunderstandings regarding how a business can be registered in Kragujevac, it is best to address your inquiries to our team of company incorporation representatives in Serbia. We can offer support and information in the following matters:

  • company registration in Serbia, including in Kragujevac;
  • • preparing the documents for submission to the Trade Register;
  • • applying for tax purposes;
  • • applying for special licenses and permits;
  • • accounting services;
  • • tax advice and planning;
  • • business consulting;
  • • virtual office.

Foreign investors can ask for legal support offered in cases of company liquidation or litigation which can be offered by our team of local lawyers in Serbia.

Support for DOO registration in Serbia

DOO is the limited liability company in Serbia, one of the most popular business structures available for local and foreign entrepreneurs. Because the formalities have been simplified in recent years, incorporating a DOO in Serbia is relatively fast, paying attention to the key rules and regulations. The following aspects should be considered for opening a DOO in Serbia:

  1. The business name – If the DOO is the right structure for business in Serbia, a name verification and reservation should be made in the first place. This task takes place with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, helped by one of our agents.
  2. The Articles of Association – Once the business name is verified and reserved, the Articles of Association must be prepared. These documents comprise details about the activities of the newly-formed company, owners, general rules, and many more.
  3. A corporate bank account – RSD 100 or 1 EUR represents the minimum share capital for a DOO in Serbia which needs to be deposited in a local bank account. This account will serve all financial transactions in the firm.
  4. Licenses and permits – Depending on the activities, a firm requires special licenses and permits. Assistance in this direction can be offered by one of our specialists in company formation in Kragujevac.
  5. Tax registration – Each company must register for taxation in Serbia. This is another essential step part of the company registration in Serbia that can be handled by our agents.
  6. The Decision of Founding – If the company is incorporated with the relevant authorities in Serbia, the Decision of Founding is issued in approximately 5 days.

Our company formation agents in Kragujevac will also offer support related to accounting, and also human resources, and employment. Please feel free to discuss all the above-mentioned aspects with our specialists and solicit our support for company formation in Kragujevac.

Economy of Kragujevac

The industrialization of Kragujevac started two centuries ago when the machinery sector rapidly grew. Numerous large companies were established in this city in fields like agriculture, construction, medicine, oil & gas, and automotive. The economy in Kragujevac is sustained by the well-developed manufacturing sector and by the export activities related to furniture, equipment, construction materials and meat industry. The regional economy of Kragujevac is also sustained by the efforts made by the government which implemented varied programmes to attract foreign investments. Here is some information about the business, the investments and the economy of Serbia:

  1. Approximately USD 44 billion represented the total FDI stock in 2019 for Serbia.
  2. Serbia is among top 15 countries in terms of investments received from abroad.
  3. According to the “2020 Doing Business Report” issued by the World Bank, Serbia ranked 44th among the economies of 190 states.
  4. Approximately EUR 10,000 are offered to entrepreneurs from overseas who create jobs in Serbia through their companies in the R&D sector.
  5. More than 500 companies were in the attention of the Serbian government in matters of privatization after the economic crisis.

FAQ about company formation services in Kragujevac

1. How can I benefit from company formation services in Kragujevac?

Our team of company formation agents in Kragujevac is at your disposal if you would like to register a business in this Serbian city. We can handle all the tasks involved.

2. Can I get support for opening a corporate bank account in Kragujevac?

Yes, if you would like to open a bank account for your newly-formed company, you can get in touch with our specialists. The process is straightforward, and it can be concluded quite fast.

3. Can I ask for assistance in buying a shelf company?

Of course, we can manage the acquisition of a shelf company in Kragujevac if you want to start your operations without having to open a business from scratch. All you need to do is send us your identification documents.

4. Are virtual office services available in Kragujevac?

Yes, you can purchase a virtual office package and benefit from a notable business address in Kragujevac. This is another process that can be concluded in approximately 24 hours.

5. Do I need a representative agent for my company in Kragujevac?

Yes, you can solicit the services of our agents if you want a company representative in charge of different business tasks. We would gladly help both local and international entrepreneurs.

6. How long does it take to register a DOO in Kragujevac?

It takes around 3 weeks until your new business is ready to activate on the market. The support of our agents in Serbia will weigh much in this direction.

7. Can I ask for support for tax registration?

Yes, tax registration is mandatory in Serbia. The bureaucracies have been simplified in recent years, but we suggest you address one of our company formation agents in Kragujevac and see how you can speed up the process.

8. Can I benefit from assistance for employment matters?

Yes, the work contracts for your employees can be properly handled by one of our company formation agents in Kragujevac. We have a dedicated team in charge of these aspects.

9. Can I ask for accounting services in Serbia?

Yes, once you settle your company in Kragujevac, you can discuss other aspects too, like the required accounting services you need for your firm. We have a team of specialists who can suitably manage all the accounting matters for your business in Kragujevac.

10. Are there any legal services available for corporate matters in Kragujevac?

Of course, you can benefit from complete legal advice in cases of company litigation and related aspects. Our team has the necessary experience and is ready to offer legal counseling when needed.

If you are an investor from abroad who wants to enter the Serbia market and particularly in the city of Kragujevac, we suggest you contact our team of company formation representatives in Serbia for complete information and support.