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Startup in Serbia

Startup in Serbia

Both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs can enter the startup ecosystem in Serbia, a prolific and prepared environment for such businesses. The registration of a startup in Serbia is a simple and straightforward process that can be overseen by one of our company formation representatives in Serbia. We can handle the paperwork, business licenses and permits, tax compliance, and many more.

 Quick Facts  
Business entities suitable for startups 

– limited liability company,

– sole proprietorship 

 Who can open a startup in Serbia?

Both local and foreign entrepreneurs wanting to make investments in Serbia through startups.

 Laws for startups in Serbia

– FDI Law in Serbia,

– Company Act in Serbia 

 Minimum share capital for LLC RSD 100 
 Business plan required (YES/NO)


 Required documents

Articles of Association with information about the business 

 Business license (YES/NO)


Validation of business name 

A name verification and reservation are required before opening a startup. 

 Local bank account  


Tax registration   Required for business formation in Serbia 
 Business addres required  (YES/NO)


 Number of directors

At least 1 

 Accounting services  

– bookkeeping,

– payroll,

– annual financial statements,

– financial reports 

 We offer company formation services for startups in Serbia 

Our local advisors can manage the registration formalities with the relevant authorities. 

 Free case evaluation  You can benefit from free evaluation offered by our advisors.

How do I register a startup in Serbia?

The registration of a startup in Serbia begins with the identification of the proper business form for future activities, alongside the chosen industry. In this case, the limited liability company might represent the most suitable business structure for all activities. However, there are entrepreneurs who can act as sole proprietorships when opening a startup in Serbia. Below you can find useful information and details about the main steps of forming a startup in Serbia, by registering an LLC:

  1. One must prepare the Articles of Association with information about the owners, activities, general rules, and many more.
  2. The name verification and reservation are important steps in forming a startup in Serbia.
  3. Specific business licenses and permits must be obtained for certain activities of the company.
  4. The registration for tax and social contributions is required.

Looking to register a startup in Serbia? Let one of our company formation specialists in Serbia help you with all the formalities and entitled registration authorities. Once the Certificate of Incorporation is issued, your business is ready for activities.

Searching for the proper industry for your business

Serbia is open to foreign investments of all kinds and also offers the proper business climate and encouragement to sustain the development of startups in the country. It is recommended to have a market analysis and detect the right type of industry in which you believe you can develop your activities and generate profits. Education, tourism, IT & communication, research and development, medicine, or entertainment might be just the right industries and business sectors for domestic and international entrepreneurs. Then, attending to similar business groups that share the same ideas and activities, training and varied networks should be the next natural step in business development and that to attract potential investors. More than that, your startup can be acknowledged from overseas if you connect with foreign investors and financiers interested in supporting small companies.

Is a partnership suitable for my startup in Serbia?

General or limited partnerships might be ideal entities for startups in Serbia and can be established by more than just two business partners. It is important to note that a partnership agreement stands at the base of such structure, comprising information about the activities, owners, assets, general rules, liquidation steps, and many more. Foreign investors have the chance to easily set up partnerships in Serbia and observe the general rules of such a business structure, helped by one of our Serbian company incorporation agents. We can offer support for company formation and registration with the authorities in Serbia, plus assistance and business consultancy on demand.

Can I ask for additional support for my startup in Serbia?

Yes, it is quite recommended to continue the business path and development with the help of an experienced team in company formation and business consultancy. Young entrepreneurs require support and assistance from a team of advisors and consultants who can guide them on the market, helping in matters like business connections, consultancy, development, business strategies, marketing, and many more. If you consider that your business ideas can transform into a successful company in Serbia, please feel free to address our company formation experts in Serbia and rely on our support and experience.

We have gathered information, facts, and figures about the business and economy in Serbia that you might find it interesting:

  • • according to recent data Serbia’s total FDI stock for 2019 was of around USD 44 billion;
  • • around 70% of the foreign investments in Serbia come from European countries;
  • • Switzerland and Russia are two of the most important business partners of Serbia;
  • • the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank ranks Serbia 44th out of 190 economies in the world.

Those entrepreneurs interested in startups in Serbia are invited to contact our team of company formation representatives in Serbia and ask for complete support and guidance. We can assist both domestic and foreign investors in opening businesses in Serbia.