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Open a Joint Stock Company in Serbia

Open a Joint Stock Company in Serbia

joint stock company in Serbia is alegal entity and it can be established in accordance with Serbian Company Law. One of our company formation specialists in Serbia is at your disposal with information about the formalities involved and can manage the procedures from the start. In the following lines, you can read about how to open a company in Serbia and especially a joint stock company.

How can a joint stock company be registered in Serbia?

As in the case of any business structure, the joint stock company in Serbia must be aligned with the current legislation of this country. Thus, the following procedures are important:

  • • The Article of Association and the Memorandum of Association, the main governing documents of the joint stock company in Serbia, are drawn up, in which the activities of the respective company are stipulated.
  • • The resolution issued by the National Bank of Serbia is required.
  • • Share capital contributions will be deposited in a local bank account in Serbia. For joint stock companies in Serbia, a capital of around EUR 25,500 or RSD 3 million is needed.
  • • Complete the registration form and submit it to the Serbian Business Registers Agency.
  • • The pre-approval of the government authorities is expected, depending on the type of joint stock company, whether public or not.

We specify in this sense that at least one shareholder is needed to open a joint stock company in Serbia, without any restrictions regarding his or her residence. You can discuss more about company formation in Serbia with one of our local representatives.

What other formalities must be fulfilled for joint stock company registration in Serbia?

In addition to those mentioned above for opening a joint stock company in Serbia, you must know that at least 1 director is needed, and just like in the case of shareholders, he does not have to be resident in Serbia.

The registration procedure of a joint stock company in Serbia can be done by a Serbian lawyer, authorized by the shareholder. However, you must bear in mind that the director of the company can be requested, with a physical presence, for post-registration formalities of a joint stock company in Serbia.

Audit obligations for JSCs in Serbia

Joint stock companies in Serbia must comply with the legislation with regard to audits. In this sense, public joint stock companies are the subject of the audit, and this procedure must be carried out by an external auditor.

Also, related to this topic, you should know that joint stock companies with incomes exceeding EUR 4.4 million must have an audit that helps in the preparation and filing of annual financial statements.

Corporate income tax for joint stock companies in Serbia

15% is corporate income tax for local joint stock companies in Serbia and calculated on taxable profits. It is good to know that 20% is the withholding tax rate for dividends paid to non-resident shareholders of joint stock companies.

Below are some data about the economy of Serbia:

  • • According to the data for 2021, the total FDI stock of Serbia was around USD 52.7 billion.
  • • The total FDI stock in Serbia represented over 83% of the country’s total GDP.
  • • In 2022, Serbia attracted around USD 4.4 billion foreign direct investments.
  • • Over 19% of foreign investments in Serbia were directed to the automotive sector.

Therefore, if you want to open a joint stock company in Serbia, we recommend that you contact our company formation agents in Serbia. We can help you register a company in Serbia in a fast and reliable manner.