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Set up a Website in Serbia

Set up a Website in Serbia

The importance of having a website linked to your business in Serbia is no longer a challenge for local and foreign entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses worldwide with the help of the internet.

Opening a website is often the second thing to do after registering a company in Serbia and, in this sense, foreigners should seek for advice and support, in order to avoid any possible misunderstandings. Our company incorporation agents in Serbia are at your service if you would like to incorporate a company and then open a website for your business.

How can I register a domain in Serbia?

With the help of RNIDS (Registrar Nacionalnog Internet Domena Srbjie), the institution that oversees the activities of websites in Serbia and in charge of domain name registration, business persons from abroad can set up their websites in compliance with the local regulations. In Serbia, the right to use a domain is granted by the RNIDS, the authority that handles the registration of websites and the .RS domain names.

Company owners can request the services of our accountants in Serbia for a smooth and optimal running of the financial operations. Payroll, bookkeeping, annual financial statements, and audits are among the essential and necessary procedures in a company. Our team can also deal with the management of aspects related to human resources. So, contact our certified accountants and discover the services we can offer you.

Registration of a website in Serbia, step by step

If you are interested in creating a website in Serbia, you should solicit assistance from our team of company incorporation agents in Serbia who can guide you throughout the main steps. You can also observe the following matters regarding the rules for website registration in Serbia:

  • • a domain name reservation is necessary at the time you decide for opening a website;
  • • the registrants are the owners of the website and the ones who have all the rights for using it, for at least 10 years;
  • • an administrative contact is the authorized person who collaborates with the RNIDS in terms of registration and data modification;
  • • the technical aspects of a website are dealt by an appointed technical contact who communicates with the RNIDS.

There are several categories which can be chosen by entrepreneurs looking to open companies in Serbia on the internet, but for more details, you can talk to our consultants.

Domain extension in Serbia

Depending on the activities a foreign investor wants to perform in Serbia, the domain extension will have to be in accordance with the requirements imposed by RNIDS, as follows:

  • • .IN.RS and .ОД.СРБ are available for individuals in Serbia (locals or foreigners);
  • • .RS and .СРБ are directed to all users (legal entities or individuals);
  • • .ORG.RS and .ОРГ.СРБ can be used for establishing NGOs in Serbia;
  • • .CO.RS and .ПР.СРБ  are necessary for business persons in Serbia;
  • • .EDU.RS and .ОБР.СРБ are necessary for educational institutions in Serbia.

For any information about how you can set up a website in Serbia, we invite you to contact our team of company formation specialists in Serbia.