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Set up a Recruitment Company in Serbia

Set up a Recruitment Company in Serbia

Recruitment companies in Serbia can perform the activities in two main forms: by establishing an office or by setting up a website to present the services offered on the market. There are numerous foreign investors who want to enter the business field in Serbia and choose the skilled workforce in this country, which is why such company may represent a suitable option. Our company formation agents in Serbia can support businessmen from overseas to open a company in Serbia, whether it is a branch, a subsidiary, a limited liability company or a joint stock company.

Services offered by a recruitment agency in Serbia

Among the services a recruitment agency can offer in Serbia is helping entrepreneurs find the proper employees for their companies, in compliance with the requirements for the positions offered. This is called human resources consultancy and can be provided to large, medium or small companies in Serbia. The following services are also related to a recruitment company in Serbia:

  • •    providing an online platform to present a database of potential candidates;
  • •    complete access to a company account to see the offers;
  • •    access to the candidates’ resumes via the internet platform (free of charge or for a certain fee);
  • •    the option of getting in touch with possible candidates for your firm.

If you want to start a business in Serbia and need to understand the requirements in this sense, we suggest you address to our company incorporation specialists in Serbia.

What other services can a recruitment company offer in Serbia?

The local offices of a recruitment agency in Serbia can display the available work positions and can also make recruitments in this sense, in order to offer potential candidates to companies from abroad in search of Serbian workforce. Also, a recruitment website can offer to the applicants the possibility of uploading the resume and apply for different work offers. Besides that, such company can present complete information about the enterprises looking for the local workforce.

How to open a recruitment agency in Serbia

Foreign investors can set up a recruitment agency through a branch of the parent company or can set up a limited liability company with a minimum share capital of EUR 500, and one director which can also be the shareholder. We mention that the company incorporation procedure in Serbia has been simplified in recent years, offering foreigners the chance to set up their activities in a fast manner. Usually, it takes approximately 3 weeks to register a company in Serbia.

We invite you to contact our team of company formation representatives in Serbia for details about how to set up a recruitment agency in Serbia.