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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Serbia

Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Serbia

The authorization of cryptocurrency companies in Serbia is done by the National Bank of Serbia. There are a series of formalities, according to the latest law, the New Law on Digital Assets, which allows investors to do business of this kind. Below we present information on how to open a cryptocurrency company in Serbia, with the mention that our company formation agents in Serbia are at your disposal with all the support necessary to initiate this type of business. Also, they will help you with obtaining a crypto exchange license in Serbia.

How you can start a cryptocurrency company in Serbia

Digital assets or virtual currency can have a certain value and can be traded on the exchange market. Practically, they can be sold, bought, or transferred, depending on the needs of the business and the customers. Those who want to open a cryptocurrency company in Serbia must consider some essential formalities. Among them, we list:

  • • A limited liability company or DOO variant must be registered for Serbia.
  • • The minimum share capital for this entity is RSD 100, deposited in a local bank account in Serbia.
  • • It is necessary to appoint a director and company secretary when you want to open a cryptocurrency company in Serbia.
  • • The authorities request the development of a business plan for several years.
  • • If you want to make hires in the company, you must prove that the respective employees have the necessary knowledge and experience to work in the virtual currency field.
  • • Proof of the financial funds that will enter the company is also required.
  • • In order to set up the necessary platforms for trading with digital assets, it is necessary to implement specific software and programs.
  • • It is necessary to implement the internal policies in the company, with the help of which you can control the operations with digital assets.
  • • Because it is a financial company, you will have to set up an anti-fraud protection system, as well as establish the business risk, if it exists.
  • • Before operating on the market, investors must obtain a crypto exchange license in Serbia.

Therefore, if you comply with the formalities mentioned above, you can open a cryptocurrency company in Serbia, without problems and also without restrictions. It is important, however, to have a specialist help you, to be able to comply with the legislation regarding digital assets. We remind you that one of our local agents in Serbia can help you here.

How can I obtain a crypto exchange license in Serbia?

Local and international investors who want to trade virtual currency in Serbia must first obtain a crypto exchange license in Serbia. The National Bank of Serbia is the institution that verifies applications of this kind and provides the necessary approvals, together with the Securities Commission. Here’s what you need to do to get a crypto exchange license in Serbia:

  • • In addition to the documents of the cryptocurrency company in Serbia that you have just established, you also need to present a solid business plan.
  • • You must provide proof of custody as well as the administration of digital assets on behalf of clients.
  • • The authorities also require you to provide proof of a clear criminal record, as well as the fact that the company is registered for paying taxes.

Investing in Serbia

Serbia is a country that presents a series of business advantages for those who want to develop their activities and enjoy consistent profits. With a stable economy and optimal business conditions, those interested can work in various fields of interest. Below are some interesting statistics:

  • • Over USD 51 billion was the total FDI for Serbia in 2020.
  • • Around USD 1.8 billion represented the total value of greenfield investments in Serbia.
  • • Serbia attracted over USD 4.4 billion in the foreign investment sector in 2021.

Complete accounting services are necessary for a company to be able to carry out its activities without erroneous procedures or complexities. Our accountants in Serbia have the necessary experience to be able to offer personalized services, taking into account the type of business, financial plans, and other relevant aspects. Feel free to discuss further details on this topic with our specialists.

Do you want to open a cryptocurrency company in Serbia? Do you want to apply for a crypto exchange license in SerbiaContact our team of specialists.