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Company Formation Services in Novi Sad

Company Formation Services in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia and the capital of Vojvodina, an autonomous jurisdiction with a distinct business climate suitable for a wide range of investors. The company formation process in Novi Sad respects the same provisions stipulated by the Company Act and the Commercial Code, offering equal conditions for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. If you need assistance in company incorporation in Novi Sad, we suggest you address your requests to our Serbian team of company formation agents.

Setting up a company in Novi Sad

Limited liability companies in Serbia, including  Novi Sad, are suitable business forms for many activities and can be set up with EUR 1 as minimum share capital. Taking into consideration the conditions imposed, such entity can be easily registered. Please keep in mind the following aspects related to company incorporation in Novi Sad:

  • •    prepare the Articles of Association;
  • •    make a name verification with the Trade Register in Novi Sad;
  • •    name the board of directors;
  • •    open a bank account for the minimum share capital;
  • •    apply for tax purposes and other social contributions;
  • •    apply for company’s seal.

Moreover, entrepreneurs might be interested in opening joint stock companies, general or limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships if such business forms suit the needs. We remind that you can rely on the complete support offered by our team of company incorporation consultants in Serbia, including in Novi Sad.

Can I buy a shelf company in Serbia?

Yes, there are numerous investors who would rather choose to buy a vintage company instead of establishing a new one from scratch. This involves fewer formalities, mostly regarding the transfer of the ownership in this case. A ready-made company is ideal for the type of entrepreneurs who want to enter the Serbian market without having to wait for the incorporation formalities. Such a company has no activities and therefore no debt.

However, entrepreneurs who want to be certain about their purchase can solicit company due diligence from our team of company formation specialists in SerbiaShelf companies are also preferred by entrepreneurs wanting to make a bank credit, as such companies present trustworthiness in front of financial companies in Serbia. As part of our company formation services in Novi Sad, the transfer of the ownership of shelf companies in Serbia can be overseen by our team of consultants.

Looking for a team of accountants in Serbia? We recommend you our experts with experience in fields like bookkeeping, audits, payroll, human resources administration, and more. The services of a company of this kind are much more advantageous compared to the establishment of an entire department in this sense. The costs are calculated according to the company’s activities, the size of the company, and the number of employees. Therefore, we invite you to contact our team and find out all the details.

Can I purchase virtual office services in Novi Sad?

Yes, if you are not looking for a traditional office to establish in Serbia, you can ask information about the virtual office services you can buy in Novi Sad. With a complete package you can receive a notable business address, a local phone number, dedicated fax services, a virtual assistant or a professional secretary, mail collecting and forwarding in accordance with your needs, and bank statement collection if requested. It is important to know that a virtual office package can be received within 24 hours from the time you purchased it. There are many advantages linked to virtual office services in Novi Sad, and among these, the reduced costs compared to the ones for a traditional business office. Moreover, there are no human resources costs to consider, you can benefit from office facilities and meeting rooms and from a prestigious business address in Novi Sad. If you are interested in purchasing virtual office packages in Novi Sad and you need information in this matter, you may get in touch with our team of consultants.

Types of companies you can open in Serbia

Open and closed joint stock companies, limited liability companies, branches and subsidiaries, limited and general partnerships, and sole proprietorships are the preferred business structures which can be easily established in Serbia by domestic and international investors. The legislation is not complex when it comes to foreign investments, and the government sustains both types of investors, in an equal manner. The Serbian Business Register Agency is the institution in charge of company incorporation, including for branches and subsidiaries for which a certificate from the parent company is needed, alongside the decision of opening such an entity in Serbia. We remind that for a company to be present on the Serbian market, it is important to apply for licenses and permits and register for tax purposes and other social contributions. 

Accounting services on request

Entrepreneurs looking for business in Serbia should pay attention to the accounting requirements in this country. If they do not want to establish an accounting department in the firm, they can solicit the services of an accounting firm in Serbia. Bookkeeping, financial consulting, tax advice, payroll, VAT registration and filings, preparing and drafting the papers for VAT registration or tax minimization plans are among the services provided by an accounting firm in Serbia. We mention that both local and international laws apply in the accounting sector in Serbia, regardless of the business structure chosen in this state. Here is information about the main accounting services provided to companies in Serbia:

  1. Bookkeeping, payroll, VAT registration and accounts record for firms in Serbia.
  2. Support for the company’s annual financial declarations.
  3. Wages calculations, and registration for employees in Serbia.
  4. Tax consulting and minimization methods if it is the case.
  5. Accounting reports with complete details about the financial status of the firm.
  6. Trial balance, sales contracts, trade receivables and journals can be prepared by a professional team of accountants in Serbia.

It is important to know that small, medium and large companies are subject to audits in Serbia, in respect with the international laws. Our local team of accountants in Serbia is at your disposal if you want to open a company in Novi Sad and need comprehensive accounting services. In time and on request, they can provide you with a complete fiscal analysis and can propose varied financial measures for your firm in Novi Sad.

Support for opening holding companies in Novi Sad

If you believe Novi Sad is the right place for your business, and particularly for a holding company, you should hire the services of our company formation specialists in Serbia. expanding the portfolio is for sure a good business decision, and a holding company can be the right answer. This can be established as a public or private limited liability company, depending on the needs and targets.

The incorporation can be properly handled by one of our company formation agents in Novi Sad and it starts with a business name verification in the first place. Just like in the case of any company registered in Serbia, a holding company is incorporated based on the Articles of Association and also the Memorandum of Association, important documents that comprise information about the owners, activities, and many more. A holding company buys and sells stocks, plus has control in other enterprises too. If you would like to open a holding company in Serbia, please discuss all the aspects with one of our company formation specialists in Novi Sad.

Support for opening a bank account in Serbia

Companies with financial operations must have bank accounts prior to any activity. This is a mandatory condition for any type of business in Serbia, so make sure you understand the process. Opening a bank account in Serbia is not complicated and can be a process entirely overseen by our company formation agents in Novi Sad. One can choose the bank he/she wants to work with, prepare a copy of the company documents, and then submit them right away. There are specific bank forms that must be completed, but if you decide on our specialists for company representation in Novi Sad, he or she will help you with such aspects. Opening a bank account in Serbia is not a complicated thing, but foreigners should ask for support from a company formation agent in Novi Sad.

FAQ about company formation services in Serbia

1. Can I ask for company formation services in Novi Sad?

Yes, our team of company formation agents in Novi Sad can help local and foreign entrepreneurs start a business. They can explain all the formalities.

2. Can I get support for document preparation?

Yes, it is quite important to have support for company documents preparation. This way, entrepreneurs can rely on a professional team in charge of all formalities related to business incorporation.

3. Can I receive management consulting in Novi Sad?

Yes, management consulting is offered by our company formation representatives in Novi Sad. We can help entrepreneurs properly start a business.

4. Can I get support for opening a bank account in Novi Sad?

Support for opening a bank account in Novi Sad is offered right away, especially for those who want to register a company in Serbia.

5. Can I ask for accounting services in Novi Sad?

Bookkeeping, payroll, annual financial statements, and complete tax advice are accounting services offered by our specialists in Novi Sad. Talk to us and ask for assistance.

6. Can my company be represented by an agent in Novi Sad?

Yes, you can appoint one of our agents in Novi Sad for your company in Serbia. We can represent your business in Serbia and provide complete support for incorporation.

7. Can I get support for contracts in Serbia?

Yes, work or business contracts can be attentively verified by our specialists before being signed. Some terms and conditions must be understood in the first place.

8. Can I ask for tax registration services in Novi Sad?

Yes, tax registration is an important part of company formation in Serbia. One of our company formation agents in Novi Sad can help you.

9. Can I ask for virtual services in Novi Sad?

Yes, virtual office packages can be purchased by foreigners in Serbia. Talk to our agents and find out more details.

10.  Can foreign investors benefit from support for business in Novi Sad?

Our company formation agents in Novi Sad can assist foreign investors in Serbia right from the start. Business advice and management is recommended in a foreign country before starting activities. Here are some facts and figures about the economy and business in Serbia:

  1. About USD 44 billion was the total FDI stock registered in Serbia in 2019.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Serbia 44th out of 190 economies in the world.
  3. About 56% of the FDI influx in Serbia is directed to the manufacturing sector in Serbia.
  4. Nearly 70% of the FDIs in Serbia come from European countries.

Types of services we can offer in Novi Sad

Because a company registration procedure might be complex due to the language barrier for foreign investors, it is recommended to set up the priorities and then solicit professional services in this direction. One can open a business in Novi Sad and ask for assistance in matters like:

  • •    company formation with the local Trade Register;
  • •    bookkeeping;
  • •    financial consulting;
  • •    tax advice;
  • •    accounting;
  • •    management consulting.

Considering the needs of each entrepreneur in Serbia,  our team of advisors can tailor the services in accordance. If you want to know more about how we can help you in Novi Sad and about the company registration process, we kindly invite you to contact our representatives in Serbia.