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Create a Publishing Business in Serbia

Create a Publishing Business in Serbia

publishing company in Serbia deals with the production of newspapers, books, and magazines and ca run under the rules of a limited liability company or of a joint stock company in many cases. We remind that the freedom of speech is a right guaranteed by the Serbian Constitution. The incorporation process starts with the Serbian Trade Register and also with complete assistance offered by our team of company formation agents in Serbia.

The operations of a publishing company in Serbia

Being in a continuous transformation, the publishing sector in Serbia is not only appealing due to the easy access on the market but it is also representative and competitive, offering enough space for foreign investors interested in opening their own company in this field. Among the activities of a publishing company in Serbia we mention the following:

  • • the production of newspapers and magazines both offline and offline; 
  • • because the direction of the publication also contains the internet, all products of a publishing company in Serbia can be met on the internet, serving a different type of media consumers; 
  • • a publishing company in Serbia is not limited to the production of newspapers, magazines or books, as the products can benefit from in-house advertising and marketing;
  • publishing firms in Serbia can offer printing services to small or medium businesses activating in the media sector.

We invite you to talk to our company incorporation specialists in Serbia and solicit support for the registration of your publishing company.

Types of publishing companies in Serbia

Foreign companies can establish subsidiaries through which they can run the publishing activities in the home country. Joint stock companies are often the solution of foreign investors looking to merge their businesses with the ones established in Serbia. This is a proper solution for those looking to activate in a fast manner in the media market in Serbia. 

How can I register a publishing company in Serbia?

The incorporation process of a publishing company in Serbia starts with the Trade Register and the requirements in matters of documents. Regardless of the chosen structure for business, the Articles of Association are the company’s most important documents. A publishing company in Serbia will have to register for tax purposes in Serbia and comply with the legal requirements in this sense (VAT, social contributions, etc.).

Are you interested in the services of accountants in Serbia? Our specialists are at your disposal with a series of necessary services. Bookkeeping, payroll, audits, preparation of annual financial statements, and human resources management are among the most important procedures to be implemented. Therefore, we invite you to contact our accounting firm and benefit from personalized offers and full support.

We invite you to get in touch with our team of specialists in Serbia and solicit complete support for company registration in Serbia.